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By | September 21, 2017

Finally, SBI has come up with its own UPI application which is known as ‘SBI Pay‘. Though it doesn’t have UPI word in its app’s name the SBI Pay is exceptionally intended for the UPI installments framework. The App missing the UPI name here might misguide customer to consider it not being the actual framework of UPI but it won’t take much of time to get the acceptance and awareness among the users.

UPI( Unified Payment Interface) is a mobile-based money transfer system which is fit to be integrated into any bank’s application. The UPI encourages moment cash exchange through the portable application without utilizing the financial balance points of interest. There are numerous more favorable circumstances of UPI. As a result of the UPI, you can interface financial balance of a bank to the UPI application of another bank.

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The SBI has been the last bank to receive the UPI. UPI was propelled in August with 23 banks. However, SBI, BOB and HDFC bank did not go along with it around then. Be that as it may, now every huge bank has embraced the UPI. Some days back HDFC bank has additionally incorporated the UPI in the HDFC versatile saving money application.

Download & Install SBI Pay [ SBI UPI App ]

First of all, go to the Google Play store where you will find an icon for the SBI Pay. Select the icon and select to download and install the app.  Even the non-SBI account holder can have the SBI App in their Smart Phone; however, any other bank account should be there in the phone user’s name.

As of late UPI has likewise propelled the framework for iOS-based UPI applications. So apart from the Android users now an iPhone users can also enjoy the SBI Pay.

SBI Pay App Registration

The user must have the phone number which is provided to the bank. To get the app and confirm it the user needs to authenticate their phone number by sending an SMS. There might be one or two more verification required like approving to make a call or sending messages etc which need s to be done on the customer end. The SBI pay would catch your number and request that it confirm. Check ‘Yes’ to confirm and your verification is done for further transaction.

Now you have to go through the VPA (Virtual Payment Address) registration process. You need to create a VPA. For this visit your bank account. Find VPA Registration and click it. Continue the process as the link guides you further step by step. The first step is to select a VPA that will be like shikha@SBI or 9918483402@SBI. That means either you select your name or phone no. as the prefix whereas the suffix remains same that is @SBI.

Now you furnished all the data as asked like your name, address, email, phone no., your security questions etc. Now it’s the turn to click on “ Register”. Now you are good to go to use the wonderful App.

We have covered all the required information on downloading sbi upi app and its registration procedure.Any mistakes in the article ? please do let us know in the comments section.

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