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By | May 3, 2017

Hello, SBI added a new feature for transferring Money from the account to any beneficiary. Without Adding and having all the headaches of NEFT or RTGS transactions. It is made as simple as recharging a prepaid SIM from the website. Yes, it is that simple. I will show you we can do all that step by step.

SBI Quick Transfer Details like Limit,  Charges, Timing

You all might be wondering about few aspects on SBI Quick Transfer. With this feature, you can pay a deposit, donation, investment, education fee, Loan repayment.

  • Limit
  • Charges
  • Timings

SBI Quick Transfer Limit

The Minium Limit for one day on Quick transfer for Savings account is Rs. 5000. It’s low but it works like a charm for me tbh.

Charges for SBI Quick Transfer

The charges relevant on Quick Copy are identical to the charges of NEFT. The charges relevant on trades are Rs 2.50 in addition to the service taxes. The charges would be deducted from the accounts of the individual who is moving the amount.

Timing for SBI Quick Transfer

SBI Quick Transfer works 24 x 7. Just as IMPS services.

How do I transfer Money with SBI Quick Transfer feature?

Two ways to do this:

  1. SBI Official Website
  2. SBI Anywhere App

SBI Quick Transfer from SBI Official Web Portal /Website


  • Firstly, Login to SBI Official Website Login Portal with registered Username and Password
  • After you login Click on Payments/ Transfers TAB
  • After Clicking on Payments/ Transfer TAB Goto, Quick Transfer option

SBI Quick Transfer from website 1

  • Enter the Beneficiary Name
  • Beneficiary Account Number
  • Select Payment options
  • Enter the Amount
  • Select the Purpose of the payment
  • Check the Terms and Conditions acceptance Button
  • Finally Submit

This is how simple it is!


How to Open a Current Account with SBI

Apply for SBI Credit Card Online & know the status

SBI Quick Transfer from SBI Anywhere App

Before Processing the transfer thing please make sure you have the SBI Anywhere personnel App Installed on your mobile device.

If you have not installed the application click here to download and install SBI Anywhere App

I assume you have downloaded and installed the SBI Anywhere App onto your device

Steps to perform SBI Quick Transfer with through the app

  • Open the Application & Login with your SBI username and Password same as the website logins

SBI Anywhere personnel for SBI Quick Transfer with app 3

  • After Logging in you will see the home screen as below

SBI Anywhere personnel for SBI Quick Transfer with app 3

  • Select Fund Transfer
  • After Selecting Fun Transfer, you will see the below option

SBI Anywhere personnel for SBI Quick Transfer with app 3

  • Now select Quick Transfer

SBI Anywhere personnel for SBI Quick Transfer with app 3

  • You will see two option Send Money or receive money
  • Select Send Money

SBI Anywhere personnel for SBI Quick Transfer with app 3

  • Select your Debit Card from which you want to transfer the money from.
  • Now it will pop with asking you the Beneficiary Name, Account number, IFSC Code.
  • Enter all the details
  • Complete OTP process
  • Click Submit to complete the transactions

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